Wide Range of Products
Plastic Testing Equipments
bullet1 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
bullet1 Melt Flow Index Tester
bullet1 Universal Tensile Tester
bullet1 Co-efficient of Friction
bullet1 Carbon Black Content Tester
bullet1 Lab MicrometerVSP / HDT Machine
bullet1 ESCR Test Apparatus
bullet1 Falling Dart Impact Test
bullet1 Hydraulic Compression Press
bullet1 Izod / Charpy Impact Test
bullet1 Opacity TesterMuffle Furnace
bullet1 Two Roll Mill
bullet1 OIT / Thermal Analyzer
bullet1 Auto Humidity Chamber
bullet1 Burst Strength Apparatus
bullet1 Water / Oil Bath
bullet1 Air Circulating Oven
bullet1 Tear Strength Tester
bullet1 Zero Degree Chamber
bullet1 Torque Reometer
bullet1 Top Load Tester
bullet1 Carbon Black Dispersion
bullet1 Digital Density Apparatus
bullet1 Notch Cutter
bullet1 Melting Point Apparatus
bullet1 Wrap Reel
bullet1 Abrasive Tester
bullet1 Heat Sealing Machine
bullet1 Dumbell Press
bullet1 End Connection
bullet1 Equipments for Conduits
Plastic Auxiliary M/c.
bullet1 Mixtures
bullet1 Pulverizers
bullet1 Granulators
bullet1 Recycling Machines
bullet1 Rotational Molding Machines
bullet1 Rotogravure Machines
bullet1 Chilling Plants
Post Extrusion Lines
bullet1 Traction Unit
bullet1 Vacuum Turret
bullet1 Cutting Unit
bullet1 Coilers
Welcome to Padmatech Consulting Inc.
Padmatech Consulting Inc. provides complete solutions for different Machineries & Equipments for Plastic Testing Labs and other Industries. The Director Mr. Samir Soni is a Young & Dynamic Technical Expert having more than 15 Years Experience in the Field.
What Makes Us Different?
bullet2 The Technical Expertise of Whole Team.
bullet2 Most Reasonable Cost of the Most Modern Equipments.
bullet2 Highly Precision Products to test material with zero error.
bullet2 After sales services with 100% satisfaction.
bullet2 Available at any time at you. Call us for your requirement.
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Padmatech Consulting Inc. Serve to different industries like, Pipes industries, Rotomould industries, Film industries, Cable industries, Woven Sack Industries, Wooden Industries, Blow Mouded & Pet Bottles, Molded part Industries, Straps industries, etc. 
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Wide Tange of Testing Equipments For Different Industries in North America & South America

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